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Neck Exercises

Exercises to be performed 1-2 times daily. Gradually repeat repititions from orginal number to 3 sets of 10 repititions. Reduce exercise program if muscle soreness persists for 25 hours. Do exercises slowly and deliberately.

The first set of exercises to be done on a straight back chair. Hips and shoulders well supported. Keep shoulders level and avoid pain. Always consult a doctor before starting new exercises.


Bring your chin towards your chest, then lift your head back towards your shoulder blades.

Turn your head as far to the left and the the right as far as possible. Keep shoulders level.

Looking straight forward bring right ear toward right shoulder, then left ear towards left shoulder.

Lift arms forward, elbows straight to shoulder level and move in large circles, first in one direction and then in the opposite.

Arms by side roll shoulder tips back up, down and forward, first in one direction and then in the other.

Lift arms out to shoulder level, bend elbows, pull elbows back and squeeze blades together.

Hands clasped behind head, elbows pointed directly forward, pull elbows back to form a straight line behind the head. Keep shoulders level, neck straight and push back of head against hands and towards ceiling.

The second lot of exercises are to be done as you lie on your stomach on a firm surface. Place pillow under hips and ankles to avoid pain.

Hand clasped behind back lift arms towards ceiling, squeeze shoulder blades together, push hands towards feet and lift the head.

Lift head and shoulder tips up from table, leaving arms flat. Pull back of head towards shoulder blades and squeeze shoulder blades together.

Arms over head pointing straight forward, alternately lift arms up from table. Keep elbows straight, head down, lift arms 2 to 4 inches.

Upper arms at right angles to shoulders and elbows at right angle to upper arms, lift arms up simultaneously, squeezing shoulder blades together. Lift head up and pull back of head towards shoulder blades.

Hands clasped behind head, elbow resting on table, lift elbows up and squeeze shoulder blades together. Push head into hands and lift head up from the table.