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Stryker Frame

Simone on Stryker Frame

That is different for boys. For boys the middle piece doesn´t need to come out for them like it does for girls. To be turned everything has to be removed and then replaced when I am on the other side. This means my arm rests and pillows have to come off and then go back on.

I look forward to being turned onto my back but not the other way. In the morning and the evening we get washed by the nurses. I cannot sit up or it will damage my spine or put the Harrington Rod out of place.

Simone on Stryker Frame

In my back I have 2 rods. 1 Big one and 1 Small one. The big one is on the left and the small is on the right. The big one is the Harrington Rod and the small one is a stabiliser. My spine has improved to 27%. That is good because before when I had my hump it was 76% and that is really bad.

The operation is very serious because each patient that has the operation has 4 tubes. No other operation that I have seen since I have been in here has had tubes.

I enjoyed it in hospital but I missed all my school friends, my teach Miss McNulty, people at home in Jersey but I had to put up with it.

Simone on Stryker Frame

I also had pain I didn´t enjoy which meant I just couldnt´t sleep. At this moment I can´t add anything about my plaster cast because I am lying on my stryker frame being bored. It is nearly lunchtime and I am not hungry.

Oh!! I have a plaster stuck on my back. I have 3 lots of stitches, 1 big one stuck down the middle of my back and 2 small one´s where my hips are. I am not allowed to touch them but somebody else can very gently. When I am on my tummy it hurts to move my arms. When I am on my back, if try and scratch myself it arches my back which moves it. I can put my hands behind my head sometimes and it is really nice to get rid of my pillow.

At this stage on the stryker frame I am getting really restless. I just don´t want my legs but I need them, plus I am really lucky to have them, but the physio told me not to move them as much as I did but I just cannot help it.

Simone on Stryker Frame

I will now go on and explain the tubes. Well the night or day I can´t remember exactly, I woke up from the anaesthetic, I remember seeing and feeling pain from a tube up my bottom, 1 up my nose, 1 in my hand and 1 in my thigh. These hurt a bit but not a lot (because of the morphine no doubt), it was a funny feeling apart from the one in my thigh, this one really hurts.

Written by Simone Icough age 12