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Medical History | Dr Harrison December 1997 | Simone Icough


  1. Harrington concave distraction rod and convex compression apparatus for correction of idiopathic scoliosis
  2. Left donor site pain from curual nerve irritation and bony damage to the lateral aspect of the left iliac crest donor site adjacent to the left sacro iliac joint

Treatment Plan

  1. See NHS scoliosis clinic to plan MRI and further appropriate treatment

I think it was a great relief to Simone to hear that her story of persistent pain and hyperaesthesia in the buttock and lateral aspect of the leg, coming on soon after surgery and remaining to a variable degree ever since, is a well understood problem of damage to the small nerves to the skin with this particular type of approach to the iliac crest through the upper part of the buttock and X-rays also show that the iliac crest graft was taken from immediately adjacent to the lateral side of the sacro iliac joint and there are some flecks of bone around the joint and I would not be at all surprised if there was bony and ligamentous damage to the joint itself.

On review the x-rays she brought with her from 1989 onwards, there is no post operative view of the pelvis so as far as I understand it, this is the first view of this region post operatively but there may be other X-rays at Southampton that I have not seen.

I have told Simone that her symptoms are understandable, well recognised and appropriate to the type of problem that she has, that this needs investigation and an MRI scan will show us the detailed anatomy of the joint and the associated ligaments and muscles and nerves ans that if you write to me at Frimley on the NHS I will be able to see her and set the ball rolling before Christmas.