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Medical History | Dr Watters May 1998 | Simone Icough

During the last six months she has re-presented with further lumbar sacral back pain of variable nature and has been re-assessed by Mr D J Harrison, Consultant spinal surgeon at Frimley Park Hospital. He has carried out a radio-isotope scan and MRI scan both of which are entirely satisfactory, however, he feels as she has a nerve entrapment pain she may benefit from a local injection to the suspect area and he is planning to do this under a day case procedure in the near future.

With regard to Tegretol, she was given this following an outpatient appointment at Frimley and as far as I am aware has been unable to tolerate the Tegretol for her neuralgic type pain, but had been started on 100mg bd in December 1007. Should you require any further information or copies of reports I should be happy to provide them.

Dr Watters writing to Colonel Quin of SMO Medical Centre in Woking.