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Human Spine Care - Scoliosis Articles

Standing at Work
If you do a lot of standing work, this article is for you! When we are standing we need to bend down to pick up objects or stretch up to get overhead objects.

Scoliosis Affects
Many people that suffer from back pain do not even know that it is being caused by scoliosis.

BackPacks Care
At the San Diego Center for Spinal Disorders (SDCSD), we sometimes treat children for back and neck pain associated with backpack use.
Author: SCSD

Bracing 19th Century
Throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Scoliosis patients used braces and other stabilizing devices in an attempt to correct their spinal curves.

Human Spine Bones
The human spine is made up of 26 bones; grouped as follows:
Author: Keith Bridwell M.D. (part of)

Human Body Ribs
The ribs are thin, flat, curved bones that form a protective cage around the organs in the upper body. They are comprised 24 bones arranged in 12 pairs.

Diagnose Sciatica
Many cases of sciatica not relieved by current treatments may now be successfully diagnosed and treated using new nerve imaging technology.

Office Chair Guide
For many people who work in an office setting, sitting in an office chair without adequate back support can create a great deal of stress on the lower back.

Sagittal Balance
The impact of positive sagittal balance in adult spinal deformity.
Author: Glassman SD, Bridwell K, Dimar JR, Horton W, Berven S, Schwab F.
Date Posted: 15th September 2005

Spine Top Tips
Sitting with your knees higher than your hips can aid good back support.

Spine Tips
Each year back pain effects millions of people in the United States.