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APS Therapy - The Bigger Picture

Pain relief and a bigger picture
APS Therapy has become a household name in the area of pain relief. Many thousands of people have benefited from the use of the company's products. The success of these products in the management of pain is based on their simulation of natural processes in the human nervous system. The human nervous system works by passing on "action potentials" along the nerves - hence the name APS, which is an acronym for "Action Potential Simulation".

Through the years it has become clear that many people using APS products experience improvements in their health that range far beyond pain relief. There have been many reports of accelerated wound healing, improvements in the recovery from stroke and relief of asthma, to mention a few. APS Therapy was determined to follow up these reports and decided to obtain expert opinion on the possibility of a much richer harvest of health that it could offer each and every member of the public.

An in-depth study of advances in the field of medical research during recent years has brought an amazing new perspective to light.

A new perspective on electricity (electrotherapy) and the human body Many hundreds of experiments, in some of the best laboratories in the world, have clearly shown that many processes in the human body are positively affected when particular micro-current electric impulses are applied. The same kind of impulses are applied by APS products. It needs to be clearly stated that these positive affects are only seen when the right kind of impulses are provided. The essential effect is this: Appropriately applied electrical impulse positively affect a great number of the communication systems that operate in the human body. This has remarkable implications for a generally improved state of health.

The human body is made out of trillions of cells, which come in hundreds of different kinds. Each and every function of the human body - whether it is the pumping of our blood, the breathing of our lungs, walking, healing or feeling - is finally executed inside particular cells. The orders to execute these functions are delivered to the appropriate cells by various communication systems, that act mainly on the membranes ("skins") of the cells. Various specialised proteins, including enzymes, ion channels, transporters and receptors, are built into the membranes. Any particular one of these proteins, transmits its own type of chemical message to the cell, telling it to execute some function, when the body activates that protein. Our commissioned study showed that appropriate electric fields applied to the body from the outside (which is what APS products do) can also activate these proteins, in effect ordering the body, from outside, to do certain things.

What can a small electric field tell the body to do?
One of the most important effects of the application of appropriate electric fields is the opening of certain ion-channels, in particular sodium and calcium channels. opening of the sodium channels leads (amongst other things) to the familiar pain-relieving effects of APS products. Opening of the calcium channels enables many further functions to be activated within cells, such as changing the shape and orientation of cells (important in wound healing and bone growth), manufacturing of new cells (also essential to wound healing and bone growth), muscle contraction and various metabolic processes. Many of the functions that are activated lie at the heart of the optimal functioning of the body.

Activation of all these processes needs energy. Without a simultaneous release of the energy that they need, the activation of these processes would not do very much. The most important energy depot in the body is a molecule called ATP.

Fortunately, the studies also show that the application of appropriate electric fields stimulates the production and the release of ATP molecules in the body. Moreover, the type of ATP production that is stimulated (there are different production pathways in the body) is exactly the one that is needed.

How is the optimal functioning of the body affected?
The membrane communications that are activated by the application of appropriate.

(DC) micro-current electric fields directly promote the following general functions of the body:

  • Wound healing and tissue regeneration, specifically: cell proliferation, enhanced local blood flow, killing of bacteria, bone fracture healing
  • Decrease of inflammation and pain, specifically: arthritic inflammation and pain, lower back pain (sciatica) headache, dysmenorrhea
  • Relief from the symptoms of chronic diseases, specifically: asthma, depression, stroke, tinnitus

What about unwanted effects?
The nature of the DC micro current electric fields which produce the positive effects described in the preceding discussion are extremely unlikely to promote negative effects in the body. These fields mimic the body's natural electric environment and also allow the body to execute its own, natural checks and balances that accompany optimal body function.

No deleterious effects were reported in the hundreds of independent medical studies that were investigated. Furthermore, the use of APS products for almost a decade has not produced any deleterious effects in its thousands of users, beyond the slight bruising that should be expected if the products are used in conflict with their stated safety instructions.

Concluding remarks
The scope of electrotherapy as a tool to promote the self-healing and maintenance mechanisms of the body, as a non-invasive technique, which avoids the artificial introduction of chemicals (and their side effects) into the body, has now opened up far wider than before. Besides the relief of pain and chronic disease, improvements in the healing of wounds and bone repair, the appropriate application of DC electric therapy should also result in an improved state of general well-being for all who use it to help the body help itself. APS Technologies is privileged to lead the way to this bright future.