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Spine Top Tips

Standing: With one foot further forward than the other and with knees slightly bent helps keep pressure off the lower back.

Reaching: Stand on a stool to reach things that are above shoulder level, or better still get someone else to get it.

Moving Objects: Pushing is easier on your back than pulling. Use arms and legs to start the push.

Lifting: Kneel down on one knee with the opposite foot flat on the floor. Lift with your legs not your back.

Carrying: Two small objects are obviously easier to carry than one large one, I wouldnt suggest carrying heavy objects with Scoliosis.

Sleeping: Sleeping on your back puts 55 lbs of pressure on your back. Using pillows for knee support can take some pressure away.

Weight Control: A very important issue for Scoliosis, try and keep within 10 lbs of your ideal weight.

Quit Smoking: Smokers are more prone to back ache than non smokers because Nicotine restricts blood flow to the discs.

Minor Back Pain: Treat with anti inflammatory medication and gentle stretching, Yoga for Scoliosis is a good option and Pilates if you are able to do them.