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Does back pain lead to brain drain?

Back pain is a very common disease by which people get afflicted worldwide. It has been rightly termed as a 'lifestyle disorder'. A general cause of a back pain is sitting or standing in bad postures, though there can be various other medical reasons to it.

But as the saying goes: 'nothing is alone in this world', the same is true with the back pain. Back pain not only involves physical suffering but it also comes with a plethora of other sufferings. Your professional and social life too suffers due to it.

Various new age studies have come up with a direct relationship between your back pain and the brain. With the help of various comparisons of the brain size, made between two sets of people of the same age group, one who was afflicted with back pain and the others who were found to be totally fit, showed a deviation. People who suffered from back pain showed an acute shrinkage in their brain size, of up to 1.3-centimeter cube per year. Further it was shown that till the time the pain lasted, the brain's size kept on shrinking. In case of chronic pain, the brain loss was faster as compared to the shrinkage in mild pain.

But there are still some questions that remain unclear with this theory, as to whether the brain loss associated with back pain is permanent or it remains till the pain lasts. Some researchers argue that there have been cases where, there was a decrease in the grey matter that led to shrinkage of the brain without any neuron loss. That means that the effect was only on the brain size and there occurred no memory loss. This statement brings us to the fact that the process of brain loss can be reversed with the help of an effective suggested treatment.

But the reason for this relationship between loss of grey matter and back pain still remains uncertain. But still, researchers have tried to answer this relationship to some extent. They are of the view that development of negative mood and intense stress and pressure can be a cause of this process of degeneration of the brain cells.

So the only way out to this problem is by following various psychological therapies that will help you relieve stress and give you peace out of both, your back pain and brain drain.

About the Author:

By: Ashish Jain