The Different Positions Held Within An Advertising Agency

The Different Positions Held Within An Advertising Agency

If you want to know about the progression from being an advertising assistant to a promoted employee, then this article would be ideal for you. Below are the levels of advertising company jobs that are available in the advertising industry. We have included the job titles of the positions so that you can identify which one is most suitable for you.

Marketing Manager: The highest level in an advertising company in Dubai is a marketing manager/senior-level executive. These senior-level ad agencies work directly with advertising agencies on formulating & implementing advertising campaigns for their clients. Ad agencies are large companies or firms who employ thousands of employees. They are run by an extremely powerful owner who personally selects top advertising managers / executives to oversee various departments within his company. In short, the advertising managers/senior-level executives of a large creative branding agency in Dubai are in charge of every advertising products and services that their company offers to their advertisers.

Senior Executives: Marketing managers/senior-level executives are required to manage a large advertising agency staff. They are also responsible for the hiring, training, and firing of their advertising agency’s employees. Advertising agencies have their own unique marketing strategies and techniques. These marketing strategies and techniques are what they specialize in implementing into their advertising agency staff’s advertising strategies and techniques.

Operations Manager: A manager at an advertising agency is also responsible for insuring the business goals of their clients are being met. This requires a lot of research on the business goals of their clients and what tactics and methods will be best suited for achieving those goals. Once they have determined the tactics and methods that will best work to achieve their business goals then they must translate this to their agency. It is important that these managers understand the culture and tone of their business as well. The managers must be able to communicate this understanding to their advertising agency staff and vice versa.

Revenue Collectors: If you want to become a successful advertising company you need to be aware of how to properly collect revenue from your clients. A company headquarters location is not the only means of collecting revenue from clients. Some companies rely on revenue sharing or revenue auctioning. Many revenue collections are performed on a monthly basis. A good advertising company will be able to provide you with a comprehensive revenue plan to help you maximize your revenue potentials.