The different dust cleaning methods

Elegant houses with sanded wood floor is something which we all have been inspired by since ages and when we finally do get a chance to own a sanded wood floor we realize that it is not exactly as dreamy as it seems to be. Reality hits hard when you wake up every morning and see dust spread all across the floors and you know time to clean it off has come – again. So let’s discuss different methods that house cleaning services in Dubai opt for cleaning floors:

  • Sweeping

This is one of the basic most traditional ways to getting rid of dust. You grab a broom and keep collecting dust in a dust pan until you reach the end of the room and realize it is finally clean. The problem with sweeping is that sometimes if you are not trained enough the dust may keep flying around everywhere but in the pan. Dust mop is used in such cases where you just drag it across the floor and you’re done.

  • Vacuuming

The next most common way followed by cleaning company in Dubai to clean dust is by vacuuming the floors. There are a hundred thousand types of vacuums available in the market and there is no need to elaborate which one is best because we bet you know about them better than us. Just remember while using vacuum you need to keep the settings for hardwood floor so that it doesn’t suck the life out of floors like it does for your carpets.

  • Damp wipes

This little technique of cleaning floors may be different for every floor. You don’t want to be splashing water all over your hardwood floor unless you want them to swell up or have water rings. Whereas for the tiles, we all know just water is never the option because the stains are stubborn. Determine which kind of liquid technique works best for your floors and then guide the cleaners accordingly.

You don’t have to go through all of this trouble on your own if you just try and look for the right cleaning service providers because they have the right experience and knowledge to determine what is right and what isn’t. As far as the staining and swelling is concerned, you don’t have to worry about that because experts are there for a reason.