Dark Web Websites that Might be Actually Dark

The dark web is a mysterious part of the internet. Some say that it is a myth while some actually have been arrested for doing some vile things and exposing on the whole internet. But we have narrowed down a list of dark web websites that actually have some creepy and evil things on it and that one of many is the Hidden Wiki. There are different ways of accessing this site, you will have to use a specific browser to make this link work. This is a dark Wikipedia for the dark web. The URL of such websites will be like this; completely messed up and the developers do this to make sure that it cannot be accessed by all people.

The hidden wiki also helped in catching many kinds of sex offenders and animal offenders who used this website to search for the query and they got caught by the FBI. This site is said to be made by the FBI or by the cyber cell because most people who search illegal things are here are caught but till now the developer is still unknown. Then there is the DuckDuckGo which is a search engine that is also available on the surface web and it is easily accessible. This is launched by some developers who want to make sure that you browse without the problem of getting yourself exposed to the world. You should also download antivirus for MAC.

This search engine is mostly used to access the dark web’s websites because this search engine does not use index file and, because of that, you can search and post being a ghost. Then there is Candle. As obvious from the name, this site is used to take you through the dark web. This is the website which you can say is the main step or main gate of entering into the dark web and its layers. For example, a person wants to search for drugs and he/she posted this on Candle, the site will directly take you to the site where the drugs are being sold. Then there is Not Evil which is also a search engine for dark web. These are not great sites.