Debunking myths about ACCA

There are myths surrounding everything and no matter how hard you try to avoid it, you will always hear myths regarding study topics to misguide you. We are sure you wouldn’t want that to happen but you would like to know the truth about it. So here we are today with myths concerning ACCA courses in Dubai.

  • ACCA will only lead you to accounting jobs

This is one of those unknown facts about ACCA qualification which most of the people tend to believe. Just because ACCA is a financing qualification it doesn’t mean that you will have to work in a financing firm only. Every business and company needs a financer and this gives you the flexibility to choose which ever career path and in whichever field you’ll like. ACCA will take you up to the ladder of success which will show you the right path to succeeding from junior accountant to even board level CFOs.

  • ACCA requires accounting background

ACCA is one of those qualifications which will easily help you with understanding the foundation of the accounting and it is a compulsory subject and this means that you don’t have to worry about not being familiar with accounting and financing subjects. ACCA is a certificate level qualification which means that you can start learning it as soon as you acquire interest.

  • ACCA is a difficult qualification to study

While it is true that ACCA is not a piece of cake, but it isn’t also that difficult. It is all about learning and understanding concepts and then applying it in the right place and situations for practical use. The course and examination dates are also highly flexible to help you with getting a grasp at all the course material and everything completely.

  • ACCA is not that useful with a degree

This could be one of the biggest untrue myths you can ever hear. When you have a degree in accounting and finance you can surely secure a good job but adding a certificate qualification such as ACCA is going to increase the value of your credentials. It is also one of those courses which could bring in you a promotion and help you with securing an even better and higher paying job. Consider CMA online classes too for the same purpose.