Dessert specialties of Dubai

Dubai holds so much importance not only because of its mesmerizing locations but in fact it also offers great food life to the residents as well as tourists. Dubai possess a huge cultural diversity and this why people are able to enjoy various dishes especially desserts there. Among such variety Arabic sweet dishes are quite popular and are considered to be the specialty of Dubai so whenever you visit UAE, don’t forget to try all these desserts as it will fully satisfy your cravings.

There are several dessert shops in Dubai where you could dine in or take away your order. On the other side you can even order desserts online Dubai if you are unable to visit such places. There are several options in ordering desserts online like for instance if you are willing to celebrate a birthday event then you can easily go with the option of online birthday cake delivery in Dubai to add up your convenience and make your event memorable. In the following article we will be discussing some of the main dessert specialties of Dubai.


Basbousa is not only famous in UAE but it is also very popular among the sweet lovers in Lebanon, Turkey and even Egypt. It looks quite similar to the vanilla cake because of its spongy texture but once you take a bite of it, you will feel a soft spongy texture with crust inside. This dessert is quite famous in several events especially wedding in Dubai and is served with a topping of plain cream or pistachios.

Rice pudding

You may heard about egg puddings but here we are talking about rice pudding which is among the top desserts of Dubai. It is not only a source of satisfying your sweet cravings but in fact it is quite beneficial for your health as well because it helps you in treating your upset stomach. Its recipe is quite easy, all you have to do is to take all the ingredients and cook them together.


Luqaimat is among the highly demanding desserts of Dubai which is crispy from outside and extremely soft from inside. They are brown, round, small balls which are served with the topping of honey or chocolate. The bakers make this dessert by deep frying almost 30-40 balls together in deep round pans which are then dipped in date syrup.