How to apply for USA visa from Qatar

USA has become one of the most favorite country among students and professionals so many families now a days try to migrate to USA. But visa procedure of USA for every country is different from each other according the law of country. USA and Canada are two most famous countries in terms of study because they have world’s best universities. If you are interested for Canada but you have no complete information about Canadian visa procedures so you can also go for Canada immigration consultants in Qatar. So you can apply for both countries and in which you will get chance you should go there. If you have lack of information about USA visa procedures then you should read this article, it will guide you that how to apply US visa in Qatar. Click here to read this article.

All sorts of persons living in the Qatar will need visa to enter in USA, so they will both types of visas: immigrant and non-immigrant visas. Exemption of visa will be applicable in only two cases.

  • If you are residing in Qatar but you have passport of one of the countries of USA about which USA govt. has exempted from visa.
  • You have dual citizenship it means that you have Qatari citizenship and countries under the USA visa waiver program.

So if you don’t fall in anyone of the above criteria then you will need to apply for its visa. So here is complete guide for you by which you can apply for US visa.

Know about different types:

USA offers different types of visas: immigration visa, non-immigrant visa. Then there are further categories for students, professionals, non-professionals and family visas. If you want to go for specific tenure or just for vacations then you should apply for visit visa. Then there is different application procedure for each visa type.

Know about the type of visa to apply:

When you have got information of all the visas for USA then the next step is to know about the type of visa for which you want to apply. If you want to apply for non-immigrant visa then you should fill application form first.

Complete application form:

You should determine the number of persons with whom you want to go to USA and then you should fill online application form of USA. There will be different categories and you will have to fill the category for which you want to apply. Then you will have to enter your personal details. And then you should pay the application fee which will be refundable if your visa will be refused.

Submit documents to embassy:

Then you should submit your documents to embassy and then after few days or weeks you will receive interview call and if you will be selected then visa will be given to you.