Quick one pot meals to try out

It is not easy to survive without furniture and as if that wasn’t enough, now you have to survive without kitchen utensils as well because most of your things are on their commute with movers and packers in mirdif. What does one do when they are left with only a few utensils but have to find something to eat? Don’t worry as we have got you covered. Grab just a few essentials from furniture storage companies in Dubai where your things rest and get on with the following recipes.

  • One pot garlic parmesan pasta is probably one of the best and creamiest delights you will ever be able to make without any efforts. It’s creamy and it’s tasty but the downside of this would be that it won’t last you long enough because it will be swallowed up as soon as you’re done cooking.
  • If you are craving cheese burger the you would love the take and twist of one pot cheese burger casserole which isn’t exactly a cheese burger or a casserole but a delightful concoction of both of them packed in one pot with bursting flavours and loads of cheese.
  • Lasagne is probably one of the most hard work demanding dishes out there and it is also the one which requires most of the dish cleaning because of the different things you have to cook but if you aim for one pot lasagne recipe you will be marvelled at the amazing taste and minimized efforts.
  • Stuck in a situation where you don’t know if you want pizza or pasta? Well, how about a one pot pizza pasta baked goodness? Yes, it is everything that you’re imagining it to be and your life will be turned upside down as you won’t be able to go back to having only pizza or pasta alone.
  • For seafood lovers, cooking shrimp is very fun and delightful and if you aim for one pot shrimp recipe then you will surely be able to devour it even more amidst your stressful move as it could help you reminisce your days in the previous apartment or house that you have shifted from.
  • Last but not least, the classic mac and cheese. You can never go wrong with this one awesome dish.