Types of art therapies

Art is one of the most productive and creative ways to channel your emotions into something pretty and pleasing. While there are many different forms of art courses in dubai, here we have mentioned the types of visual art therapy which you will surely love and be interested in:

  • Painting

One of the excessively used and loved forms of art therapy is the painting which everyone indulges. People love looking at the wet strokes of paint laird across the canvas and merging together into something beautiful and pleasing. One challenge which you may face with painting therapy is that talent is required because it is often difficult to manage flowing liquids.

  • Drawing

Something simpler and a notch less complicated version of painting is drawing. Drawing classes for kids in Dubai are one of the best therapeutic sessions which you could aim for. There are several different art supplies which you can go for and most of the participants are familiar with it. It is especially great for children as their artistic skills develop and you get to learn through their drawings deeper into their mental health and emotions.

  • Sculpting

Sculpture is one of the most motivating and conceptual forms of art therapy where the patients get a complete view of the situation by viewing it in a 3D form from different angles. Yes it is highly creative and very difficult for some people but pottery can be included in this category as well.

  • Collage

This is extremely helpful when you think about putting together the distorted pieces in something meaningful and creative. It may not make sense at first but soon you will get a grip on the planning and collage when things finally start making sense. This is also a great idea where already put together forms are shattered into pieces to bring it together in a better one than it was previously in before.

  • Writing

We all know the undeniable benefits of writing. It is the best way to express emotions and suppressed feelings to a piece of paper which doesn’t argue and question back. With time you get better at writing down all your thoughts and not feeling a hesitation or barrier against it. Some of the greatest works are a creation of therapy.