Weird Kiosks that Actually Exist

You wouldn’t believe that there are some really weird kiosks that actually exist in our current world. We have seen kiosks in the hospitals where people use it to see the map of the hospital, fix an appointment or know about general information. But in California, there is an actual kiosk where you can buy medicinal marijuana at any time of the day. But it has limitations as well and obviously this is not made for kids at all. Because there are other kiosks that are made for kids, the trend of balloon will never fade away. But now there are many carnivals and festivals where there are kiosks for making animal balloons. But watching the balloon seller actually make will always be much more interesting.

Flight insurances are difficult to get now a days, but there are different airports who have kiosks which can give you the service of getting flight insurances. But it has a long procedure and don’t try to get it some minutes before the flight. Another hard to believe kiosks is in Dubai mall, there is a kiosk that works like a vending machine and when you put specific amount of money in it, it returns you actual gold bars in return. Gambling is not a good thing but still people try their luck for such people, there are many kiosks in bars or in sports clubs, where you can actually have a personal kiosk of your own and do all sorts of sports betting on it.

There are many countries in the world, where no one knows at what time it could rain. There are many people who don’t like to carry an umbrella at all times, for people and countries like these, people have come up with kiosks which give umbrellas. If you are hungry like really hungry, and you feel like eating a chicken instantly, well, the world has a solution for you. There are kiosks which can give ready made pizzas and freshly baked chicken as well. Talking about emergencies, you are shaving your beard, and the batteries of the shaver runs out, now you won’t be looking very nice getting that half beard cut. For that some buildings have a solution, some buildings have put up different kiosks inside every floor which gives batteries. There are many kiosks in the exhibition and you can hire any exhibition stand builders in UAE.

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