Symptoms of oral health problems

According to a survey conducted by the WHO there are about more than half of the school going children who are suffering with at least one dental cavity and almost all the adults are suffering from this. There are several reasons behind this situation and it is important to know about the early symptoms of oral health problems so that the problem can be treated at the first stage when the problem is not very deep rooted because it will be difficult and painful to treat it at the later stage. To know more about the symptoms suggested by a pediatric dentist in Dubai, see this:

In most of the people the first symptoms of any kind of oral health problem is the appearance of ulcers and sores. There are other reasons of this symptom like a problematic stomach but it is better to keep it investigated through a good dentist to know about it if it doesn’t heal on its own after a week of appearing.

A common symptom is the bleeding of the teeth and gums after and during brushing. Some people think that brushing or flossing vigorously may cause this bleeding, it may be a reason but mainly there is something else and bigger than that which has to be treated otherwise it will give you sever discomfort. It will swell up your gums and teeth leaving you unable to eat and talk properly.

An awkward symptom of oral health problem is the bad breath rom someone’s mouth while talking even after brushing twice a day. This bad breath will not go away after brushing because it is not due to the germs in the mouth but due to other severe problems so if anyone having this symptom then he must go to a dentist.

More than half of the adult population suffers from the problem of sensitivity of teeth while taking hot or cold beverages. If you are in those people then you have to go to dentist and check your teeth to know the reason. Most of the time it is due to the cavities in the teeth or the due to the breakdown of the upper layer of the teeth which is there to protect the inner sensitive area of our teeth. This upper layer will sometimes broke or ruptures due to the hard bristles of brush or due to vigorous brushing.

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