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Back Wrap

It is designed to prevent the onset of low back pain (primary prevention), and to prevent reoccurrences of low back injury (secondary prevention).

Backwrap's long tail comfortably wraps around the body to give a perfect fit, with the elasticity of the product allowing adjustment, allowing increased pressure to be applied to the exact area of pain.

Backwrap™ has been developed by Simon Webborn D.O. Lic. Ac. a Registered Osteopath of 16 years standing, with clinic's in Swansea and Neath. Using his skill and knowledge of the human body and its variants in size and form, along with experience in the sporting world, industry, and the general public has resulted in the flexible, durable Backwrap™.

Back Wrap

Manufactured from 100% neoprene which is perforated to allow the wicking of moisture away from the skin. No uncomfortable buckles or hooks as the Velcro fastening allows easy application and adjustment.

Available in:
Medium size (to fit waist 26"-34") Large size (to fit waist 34"-44").

Designed for maximum comfort, is of minimal thickness, is non-restrictive and has great flexibility. Designed to be worn next to the skin above or below clothing, warming the lumbar and sacral area, and applying pressure to stabilise core muscles.

Designed to be worn for up to 8 hours a day, but can be used at times of possible strain and stress to lumbar spine. During acute episodes of pain Backwrap will help allow the protective spasm relax by providing warmth and support.

Chronic low back pain will be helped when wearing Backwrap as the unique support will prevent overstrain and overuse of the lower lumbar vertebral joints, allowing the wearer to get on with activities that would normally cause pain and discomfort for days afterwards.

Backwrap has recently been recommended by midwives for pubic symphysis pain pre and post partum.

Backwrap is the result of extensive trials and testing, conducted over a number of years.

Used in industry to help prevent repetitive strain injury to the low back
Used in the home for gardening and DIY activities
Used in a variety of sporting activities to protect lumbar joints and pelvis