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Pain Relief Cold Pads

UK Orders via Paypal - £8.82

USA Orders via PayPal - $29.06

Dr Cool Gel Bag

Dr Cool Bag

Just what the doctor ordered! Our cold ice packs allow you to be on the move again, worn under your clothing, they are discreet, reliable, comfortable and easy to use.

They look like the medical plasma bags you see on ER! Perfect if you need a little TLC to help you recover from a big night out - or a simple pulled muscle. No need for an IV ... just apply the pack directly to the pain to soothe away your troubles. Dr Cool (blue - chill in the fridge) and Dr Hot (red - click to activate and recharge in boiling water to use again)..

These cool ice packs provide targeted, temporary cooling relief from minor muscular and joint aches and pains. Just click the silver circle inside the Dr Cool Bag and apply to clothing/underwear where the cold radiates through to the source of pain-increasing circulation, decreasing stiffness and relaxing sore muscles.

Fragrance free, Non-medicinal and with a thin discreet design, they are ideal to use anywhere.

Directions for Dr Cold
Cooling Gel Content
Hot headed? Hangover? Over excited?
Put Dr Cool Bag on your head to cool down
Pain killers are not so much on the menu!

Dr Hot Heat Bag

Squeeze metal disk inside the Dr Cool Ice Packs to activate, heat for 5 minutes in hot water to re-charge for the next use.

Made with your mind in mind - for external use only. Do not eat - Do not drink.

Further Ways To Pay

Each cool ice pack costs £8.82 including shipping for the UK

Each cool ice pack costs $22.00 including shipping for the USA

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Payments by Bank Transfer
Payable to: Miss Simone Burton
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Barclays Bank
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For more information or to place an order for these patches, either complete the PayPal order or email or call Simone Icough on 0207 193 2931 (in the UK), +34 649719158 (in Spain).