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Loung Air Chair

Fully Adjustable Lounge
For the cost of a flat inflatable bed, you can enjoy the universal comfort of the LoungAir product, including a fully adjustable bed that inclines from flat to 45° in a snap. This configuration allows you to watch TV or read comfortably.

Recessed Lounge Position
Enjoy the enveloping comfort of the recessed lounge position. Simply turn the LoungAir over and you're instantly ready to enjoy the comforts of this unique configuration. The raised arm position provides exceptional comfort and support.

Chair Position
Simply flip the LoungAir over itself and you have an instant upright chair. This also provides a convenient way to store your LoungAir. This configuration is popular in spare bedrooms, weekend homes, RV’s and camping expeditions.

In the completely flat position the LoungAir serves as the perfect twin size spare bed. Unlike other inflatable beds the LoungAir has adjustable comfort settings for the upper and lower body sections. This provides the ability to change the rigidity of the bed for the upper body and lower body separately.

LoungAir Travel Bag
Take your LoungAir on the road with our convenient travel bag. The LoungAir includes a convenient carrying case with an easy-to-use drawstring and heavy-duty strap. The travel bag is also perfect for storing your LoungAir.

LoungAir Pump System
Your LoungAir comes with our Fast Fill Pump (FFP) system which includes 3 universal inflation adaptors that will accommodate all your household pump needs. No additional household air pumps needed.

LoungAir Valve System
The LoungAir is outfitted with a NO-LEAK valve system which is the best in the industry. The valves feature individual inflation and fast-deflation ports and each has a neoprene gasket that will seal the ports airtight once they are tightened. THE LOUNGAIR VALVES ARE 100% GUARRANTEED NOT TO LEAK.

LoungAir Material:
The LoungAir is manufactured with 100% Rayon-flocked (has a velour-like finish) puncture-resistant heavy gauge vinyl. This material is non-allergenic. For durability and superior performance, the seams are extra wide and welded with radio frequency.

Exclusive LoungAir Comfort Control Pods:
Only LoungAir offers you the ability to control the firmness of the mattress under your upper and lower body independently. Your upper body weighs much more than your lower body and each has different comfort parameters that only LoungAir can accommodate.