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Magnetic Therapy

Top Tips for Magnetic Therapy

    Top of the popularity list has to be for the relief of back pain. My book, the practical guide to magnet therapy, shows exactly where to place magnets for the best results but the effect of a double row of magnets either side of the spine and running down the length of the lumbar region, can be wonderful. I have seen people who were finding it difficult to stand up, being able to walk upstairs within hours of having magnets put in place. Caution, ensure it is a muscular problem and not kidney infection, which also can cause lower back pain.
    Second in the chart of success, has to be the treatment of cramp. A circle of magnets around a limb, between the affected area and the heart, left in place for 5 days, can promote a noticeable reduction in the debilitating pain of cramp.
    Third in the list is to free up and relieve the discomfort of stiff necks. Place a row of small magnets across the back of the shoulder running along the line of the top of the shoulder blade. Add a couple of magnets above this line, going upwards either side of the neck. These should be about 1 inch apart and about 2 inches from the centre line of the neck. An alternative is to use a necklace made up of magnetic beads.
    Fourth is for migraines. Migraines come in such a variety of severity and have too many causes to be able to give a definitive description, of how to use magnets, here but in many of the people I have seen it is common to have a tightening of the muscles between the shoulder blade and the spine before the migraine takes full effect. Placing magnets on the tight area or in a double row between the shoulder blade and the spine, will often reduce this muscular tension and reduce the severity of the migraine.
    Fifth in the list of most popular uses, of magnets, for the improving of well-being, is the localized use of magnets and bandages, or support wraps that contain magnets, to speed up the recovery from sports injuries. After first ensuring that there is no internal, or external, bleeding, the putting in place of small magnets or wrapping the affected area with magnetic bandages (wraps), will speed up recovery. When using wraps or bandages (wraps) make sure you give support but do not restrict the flow of blood.

By Peter Rose