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Relief from muscular tension and associated pain

  • Easier ways to accomplish the movements of everyday tasks
  • Increased sense of relaxation and well-being
  • Ability to breathe more easily and fully
  • More effective and satisfying performance, from sports to the arts
  • Improved feeling of comfort and vitality

In classes (Awareness Through Movement): The teacher verbally guides the group through an exploration of a specific movement theme. The movement is gentle and usually quite small, in order to reduce pain and to refine attention. Each class is different, exploring a pattern of movement or a region of the body. You learn at your own rate, organically, by following your sensations of comfort and ease.

Individual lessons (Functional Integration): Using a combination that may include observation, conversation and a gentle, non-invasive touch, the practitioner investigates the way your particular concerns are related to your habits of movement. This eases associated tension, in the movement itself but also in your feeling and thinking, enabling new possibilities. Lessons are particularly useful for specific or long-standing problems, to deepen your experience of Awareness Through Movement classes, or to provide ongoing support for your everyday life.

Both Awareness Through Movement classes and Functional Integration lessons are appropriate for a wide range of people, for all ages and for all abilities.

Anat Baniel Method's Based on the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais