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It is a wonderful remedy for babies and children; being calming and relaxing it will relieve restlessness and induce sleep. It's relaxant effect is also felt in the digestive tract where it relieves pain - excellent for babies who have wind or trouble sleeping. A strong infusion will relax headaches related to tension.

Catmint can be used for other digestive problems - stomach upset, indigestion, and stress related conditions; the tannins make it a good remedy for diarrhea, particularly in children. As an enema it is prescribed for inflammatory bowel conditions, bowel infections, constipation and diarrhea.

Catmint's relaxant effects are also felt in the uterus. It can be used to relive period pains as well as tension or stress prior to a period. It can also be used to regulate periods, and for delayed or suppressed menstruation.


A hot infusion makes a good antiseptic inhalant for sore throats, colds, flu band coughs a decongestant for catarrh and sinusitis, and a relaxant for asthma and croup. It's disinfectant properties can be used for infected skin problems. The tannins speed tissue repair and staunch bleeding of abrasions and cuts; they aid healing of burns and scalds, piles and insect bites, and inflammatory skin problems.