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Ginger is a wonderful warming aid to the digestion. It invigorates the stomach and intestines, stimulating the appetite and enhancing digestion by encouraging secretion of digestive enzymes. It moves stagnation of food and subsequent accumulation of toxins, which has a far reaching effect throughout the body, increasing general health and vitality and enhancing immunity.

Ginger is famous for relieving nausea and vomiting, from whatever cause. It settles the stomach, soothes indigestion and calms wind. It's pain relieving and relaxing effects in the gut relieve colic and spasm, abdominal pain, distension and flatulence indigestion and help to relieve griping caused by diarrhea. In the uterus it promotes menstruation, useful for delayed and scanty periods as well as clots.


It relaxes spasm and relieves painful ovulation periods, and is recommended to invigorate the reproductive system. Ginger also inhibits clotting and thins the blood; it lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.

Note: Because of it's heating properties ginger is not recommended for those who do not tolerate heat well or those with gastritis or peptic ulcers.