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Herbal Medicine Standard Dosages

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Girls under 15 of age should take half the adult dose. Unless directed, take one dose every two or three hours for acute conditions. For an infusion or decoction, prepare the herb as described above. Drink the equivalent of a regular teacup of infusion, or one wineglassful (about 100mls or 2fl ozs) of decoction, three times daily.

For a tincture, the standard adult dose is 10 drops of mother tincture of each herb, three times daily. Use an approved medical-type dropper bottle to measure the drops. This gives a single drop volume of about 0.04mls (25 drops per millimetre). Caution: Always take tinctures in water or a dilute drink, never neat. Sip them slowly, the alcohol in undiluted tinctures can burn the mouth.

Doses and Reactions

Typical doses of herbs today are far smaller than in the past, because we recognise that much of the healing effect depends on the plant's energy. This means the exact amount of herb is less important, compared to the dosages for unorthodox medical drugs.

Provided you follow the instructions and observe the cautions for each remedy, the herbs and dose levels listed here should be safe. However, a few people are especially sensitive or allergic to a particular herb. If you develop any unusual reactions after taking a remedy, stop the treatment and contact a practitioner of natural medicine for advice.