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Enhance Vitality

For example, as I have Scoliosis I have found hat Cinnamon oil is a great help to my lumbar spine and gives me the boost I need to get moving and movement is the key to all our joints, no matter how little or far you manage to walk, movement is what we need. Remember the old saying 'if it tastes bad it must be good for you'?, with many herbal tinctures you will find this to be the case.

With daily life our bodies take a bit of a battering and a lot of things will draw on our resources; illness, stress, financial complications, hard working, not eating well, not exercising, not drinking enough water, not sleeping enough, not having enough fun. We all know that list goes on and on and we are always searching for that equilibrium, well, while we are soul searching and fighting for that every day, we need to remember to replenish our bodies, stop ignoring the warning signs; tiredness, irritability, minor physical symptoms and simply not having a good life, do not let things get too far and then have major issues, act now!

Herbs can play a vital part in dealing with depletion, they cannot make up for a chronic lack of sleep or give you sunshine and good companions but they can help you turn a vicious circle around. Plants contain a vast range of compounds, some of which have specific actions, and many of which act in synergy. Some stimulate, and others soothe. Some act mainly on specific parts of the body. Whatever your question is, the plant world holds the key, don't get me wrong, herbs cannot cure everything but they can help assist you with your daily life.

When To Use Herbs

Remember all the herbs listed here are safe to use with the dosages listed and with your current medication, if you are not sure then please consult your Dr. Do not be afraid to experiment within the limits of the dosages, what you will find with herbs is that you can use for straightforward treatments such as infections and gain fairly quick results. There is also plenty of scope for improving health of various organs or systems and for strengthening and supporting in all kinds of ways. For example, an helpful digestive herb like peppermint can help stimulate the flow of digestive juices because it has calming actions with a fairly strong pain killer effect so it can help to prevent vomiting and nausea.

You do not need to take herbs all the time, all our lives our systems work towards wholeness and health. When our health breaks down our main task is finding what is causing the breakdown and then change it, our vital energy can do the rest.

The golden rule with self treatment should always be; if you don't get results within a reasonable time period, seek professional help.