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Live Enzyme Rich Food

What are Enzymes
Raw foods are packed with food enzymes. Enzymes are released as soon as you begin to chew. Enzymes are the essential catalysts for all the chemical reactions in your body - your digestion, your immunity and all other metabolic and regenerative processes. Without them, you would cease to function or exist. Think of them as your body's labour force involved in every biochemical and physiological function. You depend on them to walk, talk, breathe, digest food and function. For good health and a strong immune system, enzymes need to be plentiful and vital.

When enzyme activity is low, you are likely to feel tired and unwell. So clearly the level of enzyme content in your food is more than important - it's crucial.

Enzyme Types
Metabolic enzymes occur naturally within your body and act as catalysts in all your body functions - eating, breathing, regulating metabolism and so on. You need these enzymes to stay slim and trim.

Digestive enzymes are produced by out bodies. They are responsible for breaking down the food you eat, metabolising and absorbing all the nutrients. If we eat a diet of processed, junky food, we overtax our pancreas organ to produce more digestive enzymes. If the pancreas is too weak and unable to secrete enough enzyme molecules, it will rob other organs of critical, life providing metabolic enzymes and will then change these into digestive enzymes. Once this happens, the simplest tasks such as thinking, talking, walking and even breathing will become difficult chores.

Food enzyme help the digestive process. They must come from the foods we eat. All raw foods such as raw fruit, vegetables, raw nuts and especially live sprouted seeds are the food sources for food enzymes.