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Conditions and Illnesses

The intrinsic growth energy inborn in every living plant, animal, or human strives to create the harmonious form predestined for its every bodily organ, body part, and finally complete body. That form which most purely realises the divine creative thought is always the best, the one that allows all organs and parts of this body to function most completely.

Curvature of the spine, or #scoliosis, is a precarious formal defect in terms of health, appearance, and the spiritual-psychological aspect. When attempting to help a scoliotic with this defect, we must not view that matter primarily from the mechanical standpoint, namely the malfunctioning body. For we have before us not a mechanical structure of levers and the muscles that move them, but rather an unfortunate person who has lost the form originaly created for her and who cannot restore herself. With all scoliotic people, the cause probably lies partly in the mental realm. Envision what the expression 'not in good form' means. Imagine the mental state of a child scolded by his mother. The psychic despression and loss of equilibrium are immediately visible in his abnormal bodily form. How wonderful the form of a little child's body is! What a victorious, natural and matter of fact nature he has in the representation of his Self, and in every movement and in all of his lif statements.

Externally we can say that for those individuals who suffer from constitutional weakness, the loss of inner balance necessarily leads to formal defects and thus to a defect in pjysical function. Exterior assistance consists therefore in great measure of constitutional treatment, which often must reverse the mistakes of generations.

Written by Christa Lehnert-Schroth

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