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Spinecor Brace

Last June Journal of Pediatric Orthopedic published spinecor study analyzed with new criteria set by SRS...all braces were analyzed this way so that direct comparison would be possible.

The results were so promising that editors had also published opinion article regarding this study. Their recommendation was that movement of stopping scoliosis screening by some orthopedic surgeons should cease now that we have Spinecor which really works in nonsurgical stage. Thought was that up until Spinecor was developed, early detection was just unnecessary since there weren't any effective early treatment available anyway.

Word of advice in choosing spinecor providers. Choose the doctor who's at the clinic full time. Due to shortage of providers, there are some providers going from state to state every 3 months or so as there are many states that lack a provider.

Spinecor Brace

This is hazardous in case something goes wrong, you won't see the doctor for 3 months and if you want to ask a simple question, you need to hunt them, or their qualified staff, down. Other advice is that Spinecor protocol does not require Nutritional advice, vestibular testing (which can add about $2000 to your bill) or other forms of therapy outside of Spinecor. Spinecor is supposed to work by itself. These tests, outside advice and therapies do absolutely nothing as far as treatment of scoliosis goes. There are a couple of doctors who do this, so take caution.

Remember this is the advice and experiences from other patients. (disclaimer)

Comment on our Scoliosis Blog about your experience with the SpineCor brace.

Spinecor does recommend rehab protocol and have their own developed specifically for each different classifications of scoliosis. This is also not required although recommended.

Reply from member on Scoliosis Yahoo Group

My 9 year daughter had a 34 degree thorasic curve and a 16 deg lumbar curve. Our orthopedic recommended a rigid Boston brace. After wearing it 20 hours a day for 3 months we knew we had to explore other options. My daughter wasn't sleeping, she had blisters on her back (we live in a very hot climate) and she was in tears most days.

We switched to the SpineCor brace and I have my light hearted energetic daughter back. After 3 months of wearing the brace her top curve has been reduced to 18 degrees (in brace) and she no longer has a lumbar curve. Her quality of life is back to what it was without the brace - she does absolutely everything in her brace that she did before - dance, gymnastics, etc.

The brace needs to be adjusted every 3 months and my daughter has a specific set of exercises she needs to do everyday to work the muscles to support her new straighter posture. My daughter is not very selfconscious so she wears hers over a T-shirt or body suit, but the brace can be easily concealed under clothes.

We have been extremely happy we switched and I encourage you to look into it further.

A comment from Dr Lamantia

Firstly, vestibular testing ranges from $125 to $750, and not $2000 as you suggest. Secondly, Vestibular rehabilitation is appropriate for any patient with a vestibular deficit, regardless if they wear spinecor, or if they don't have scoliosis at all. Thirdly, there is no hazard in seeing a visiting doctor, as I provide a much needed service and have done so sinc 2004 and have never abandoned a patient, nor have patients had to hunt me down.

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