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Infratonic Therapy

The Infratonic QGM is the worlds first Chaos therapy device, with new patent pending technology. It is a low frequency, electro acoustical therapeutic massager designed to accelerate recovery through increased circulation and reduced pain. Its infusion of chaotic infrasonic sound penetrates deeply into the local area of pain or injury, breaking up vibrational disease patterns and increasing activity of the nervous system. The Infratonic QGM activates local tissue, moving old fluids out of painful areas and drawing in fresh, oxygenated fluids to enhance the healing process, reduce swelling and relax armored muscles.

Infratonic Device

Some of the many benefits include:

  • Reduced Pain
  • Relaxed Muscles
  • Relief of nerve impingement
  • Facilitation of deep massage
  • Enhanced local circulation
  • Reduced dizziness
  • Improved sleeping
  • Increased energy levels

This unit increases patient satisfaction by effectively relieving pain without drugs and does not shut down the nervous system but relieves pain by facilitating nerves to accelerate the body's ability to heal itself. Also induces a deep state of calm mental clarity which helps free the patient from painful emotions and worries and leaves a subtle but profound feeling of balance and serenity. The patented icroprocessor based circuitry produces highly highly chaotic infrasonic sound in the Alpha range of 7.83 to 13.5 Hz.

Completely natural and easy to use, the Infratonic is approved by the FDA under 510K code.