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Mora Therapy

During more than 20 years of research, carried out by well known scientists in Germany and abroad, it was found that each individual possesses a unique spectrum of ultra-fine electromagnetic oscillations which can be electronically sensed, processed and then utilized as therapy.

Today, it is known that the chemical processes in the bodies of humans and animals are controlled by the “information” carried by and within these oscillations. Furthermore, organs and cell types possess characteristic oscillation spectrums – which are at the same time unique to each individual. The electromagnetic oscillations referred to in MORA-Therapy may be compared to (but are different from and much finer than) the cardiac impulses detected by an electrocardiogram (ECG) or brain “waves” as measured by an electroencephalogram (EEG).

Mora Therapy Machine III

The Individual’s Unique Regulatory Forces Set Free

Damage or disturbance to the body of any sort may alter the internal milieu, so that the biophysical and biochemical functions are affected and sickness results. For example, harmful substances (like the heavy metals commonly found in food, drinking water or environmental pollution) not only affect the body with their physical-chemical nature but also affect it on the regulatory, informational level by way of the ultra-fine oscillations that they too possess.

Functional disturbances occur whenever the delicate guidance of bodily processes is influenced too greatly by interfering and unnecessary (pathological) oscillations. These malfunctions may eventually cause physical manifestations of disease if the body cannot adequately compensate for them.

Mora Therapy Machine Super

Dr. Morell had the brilliant idea to specifically eliminate these interfering oscillations by utilizing their own “mirror images” to cancel them out, thus unburdening the body and facilitating natural self healing.

Mora-Therapt is NOT:
It is not electrotherapy, just as it is not radiation therapy of any kind. Most of all, it is not a paranormal medical method of treatment, the effect of which has to be believed in for an effect to be induced! MORA-Therapy makes use of the latest discoveries in bio-physics and has been thoroughly and scientifically researched and proven.

Treatment with the MORA Device:
The patient usually receives treatment from a MORA device via a hand and a foot “electrode”. Therapy with the more advanced MORA-Super device though, is usually via two hand and two foot electrodes simultaneously. (As MORA-Therapy is not an electrotherapy, the electrodes are electrodes in name only as no electricity passes through them during MORA-Therapy.)

The patient’s own oscillations enter and exit the MORA device via the electrodes and cables in the same way as nerve impulses are conducted into ECG or EEG devices. Specialized electrodes may also be used to target specific skin areas or pain sites.

Mora Therapy Machine Super

A MORA device is even able to determine, via a physically active biological filter, which section of an individual’s micro-magnetic information spectrum will provide the most beneficial therapy at a particular point in time.

The body’s debilitated regulatory forces are then unburdened and strengthened via the optimal amplification and optimal processing of that spectrum.

Troublesome oscillatory information, from deposits of heavy metals or “informationally non-metabolized” foods for example, is inverted – or changed – into its mirror image and is then returned in this form to the body. In this way pathological oscillations burdening the body are optimally reduced or even eliminated via their respective opposite oscillations produced by the MORA device. The patient is treated exclusively with his own specific, individual oscillations, as existing within him at that point in time. At no time during therapy is there administration of foreign energies or foreign substances.

Usually, during the first stage of treatment (so-called Basic Therapy) the whole of the body is harmonized. In the second step of treatment localized disease areas of the body, for example pain regions, are addressed. The device settings are readjusted for this second stage and special electrodes (e.g. finger-type, roller or flexible electrodes) are often used. Sometimes the MORA-Active electrode or probe may be employed to contact, via a magnetic field, disease oscillations from organs deep within the body. The assessment and progress of therapy may be monitored and thus controlled by measuring acupuncture points. Changes in disease symptoms and laboratory results will be noted over time.

Therapy without Damaging Side-Effects:
Many patients feel an improvement after just the first treatment. However, it is possible that the body will have to eliminate the harmful deposits freed by the therapy before improvement is felt. These toxic deposits must be eliminated as fast as possible but this may take some time in chronic cases. The liberation of these deposits may at times lead to short-lived initial reactions similar to those observed in homeopathic treatment. This is not a sign of inappropriate therapy and is no reason for concern. It is simply a temporary stage during detoxification. The easiest way to avoid or minimize this, is by drinking lots of very pure, low mineral-content water during the treatment regime. Also important, are detoxification via the skin (by scrubbing the skin during the daily shower or while in a sauna) and via the bowel (constipation must be eliminated). In rare cases additional measures to aid excretion must be utilized.

In many acute cases (e.g. acute inflammations, infections or pains and certain intoxications) a single therapy session is sufficient to successfully mobilize the self-healing process. In cases of serious or chronic illness a number of therapy sessions are usually required.

In principle, all kinds of disease may be successfully treated with MORA-Therapy, provided no irreversible destruction of body tissues has occurred. The therapy has shown especially good results with allergies, food intolerances, environmental poisonings, functional circulatory diseases of the heart, acute and chronic pain states, inflammations, pre-operative and post-operative care, metabolic and psychosomatic illnesses and the determination of dental material compatibility. Please note that MORA-Therapy offers the dental patient not only individual testing of all dental materials for compatibility but also MORA-Therapy has proven itself to be very effective in the removal of amalgam intoxication. Furthermore, inflammatory fields of disturbance in a patient’s body may be pinpointed. These may exist in the teeth, gums or inner organs as chronic inflammations. Even in cases of disease with advanced pathology an easing of symptoms is possible. The application of MORA-Therapy has never been known to cause harm.

MORA-Therapy is first and foremost engaged in the reduction and elimination of disease causing ultra-fine, pathological, electromagnetic oscillations so that the forces and information regulating the body may be unburdened and normalized and the healing process enhanced.

MORA-Therapy has no undesirable side effects. Its application is trouble-free and for that reason is especially suitable for use with sick children.

MORA-Therapy is extremely versatile since practically every illness or disturbance, be it organic or functional, acute or chronic, already in progress or only beginning, may be treated with MORA-Therapy.