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Conservative Treatment

A variety of treatment options exist for back pain that results from degeneration (wear and tear) on the parts of the spine. In most cases, simple therapies such as mild pain medications and rest are effective. The goal of treatment is to make you feel comfortable, reduce further degeneration, and get you back to normal activity as quickly as possible. As a last resort, and only if all other conservative treatments fail, surgery might be considered.

Immediately after a back injury, rest is often all your back needs to feel better. Rest is used to take the pressure off your spine and the muscles around it. You should rest in a comfortable position on a firm mattress. Placing a pillow under your knees can also help relieve pain. Do not stay in bed for several days! Bed rest for more than two or three days can weaken the back muscles, making the problem worse instead of better. Even though you may still feel some pain, a gradual return to normal activities is good for your muscles. In most cases of sudden back pain, the sooner you start moving again, the sooner your back pain will improve. If you are sent to see a physical therapist, the first few days may be spent educating you on ways to take stress off the back, while remaining as active as possible. Short periods of rest combined with brief exercises designed to reduce your pain may be suggested.

Modalities - alternating heat and ice, massage, ultrasounds, and electric stimulation

Bracing - ranging from a simple corset to a rigid plastic body jacket

Flexibility and Strength Training - this is achieved through exercises, posture retraining, stretching, etc.

Pool Therapy - unloads spinal pressure because of the decrease in gravity provided by the water

Posture Training - learning how to stand, sit, and move properly; incorrect posture can contribute to back pain