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Cervical Plate History

Advantages of New Plate Design
Of all other cervical plates available on the market today, ZEPHIR has the lowest profile. This means it is the thinnest. The plate construct when completely implanted is only 1.6mm high and 15mm wide. This is small considering one millimeter equals 0.03937th's an inch.

The plate is made from titanium alloy, which means it is strong. The low profile design does not compromise the plate’s strength. It’s metal fatigue properties, or ability to resist breakdown when subjected to stress, are similar to other plates now in clinical use.

The plates are made with a pre-machined lordotic (forward) curve to restore and maintain proper curvature of the cervical spine. Further, a plate-bending tool enables the surgeon to customize the plate’s lordotic curvature to meet the patient’s needs.

Cervical plates are available in a range of sizes for use in one or multiple anterior cervical fusions.

Variable screw design allows the surgeon to choose screw placement and trajectory into the vertebrae. The screws are self-locking and an interlocking cap system prevents the screws from loosening or backing out.

Disturbance of the patient’s anatomy is minimized by this plate’s design.