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InFuse BoneGraft Cage

  • A metallic tapered spinal fusion cage (known as the LT-CAGE Lumbar Tapered Fusion Device); and
  • A bone graft substitute which consists of a genetically-engineered human protein (rhBMP-2) along with a carrier/scaffold for the protein (manufactured from bovine [cow] Type I collagen) that is placed inside the fusion cage.

The fusion cage component maintains the spacing and temporarily stabilizes the diseased region of the spine, while the InFUSE Bone Graft component is used to form bone which would permanently stabilize (fuse) this portion of the spine.

InFuse BoneGraft Cage

The device is used in the lower region of the spine (L4-S1) to treat degenerative disc disease.

A clinical study showed that the use of this device was as safe and effective in promoting spinal fusion as the same fusion cage component filled with autograft bone.

This device should not be used for patients:

  • Who are pregnant or might be pregnant,
  • Who may be allergic to any of the materials contained in the device,
  • Who have an infection near the area of the surgical incision,
  • Who have had a tumor removed from the area of the implantation site
    or currently have a tumor in that area, or whose bones have not stopped growing.

In addition, it is not known if a woman who becomes pregnant after receiving the device could have a second immune reaction to the BMP-2 normally found in a developing fetus, which might harm either mother or fetus.