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Condition or a Disease?

A disease is an illness and a condition is the state or a person's health.

A disease is an abnormal condition that affects the body of an organism, diseases are associated with symptoms or signs of that disease which could come in many forms. Perhaps the disease is factored from an external source, it could be infectious like a cold.

In humans, disease is used to refer to any condition which causes pain, dysfunction, distress or death. There are four main types of diease: pathogenic disease, deficiency disease, herediatry disease and physiological disease.

Scoliosis is a state of the human body where ths spine has an abnormal side-to-side "S" or "C" shaped curvature. The spine is also rotated or twisted, pulling the ribs along with it. Some cases lungas are also at risk.

However, does this mean Scoliosis is a condition or a disease, because many conditions are a cause or a symptom of some diseases - how confusing!