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Scoliosis Flatback Syndrome

Flatback Syndrome is a postural defect that results from a reduction in the patient's lordosis, or back waist curve, that leans the person forward in a malaligned position.

The symptoms of Flatback are...

A leaning forward posture, unconsciously hyper extending the knees and hips in efforts to stand up straighter and not look hunchbacked.

Over time, this posture can result in degeneration of the chronically pressured and inflamed knees, an abnormal walking gait, and permanent damage with severe pain to the hips and sacro-iliac joints.

Collapse and herniation of the cervical neck disks.

Thoracic outlet syndrome can accompany this surgically created condition because the leaning-over posture restricts the thoracic opening for the nerves running down into the hands and arms, causing "dead arm." Severe fatigue, weakness in the arms and pain of the back muscles is common.

The end result of Flatback Syndrome is often worse than the initial disability (the curved spine of scoliosis) that was to have been corrected. Increasing damage to the legs, hips, arms, hands, back, and neck from Flatback Syndrome can, over time, render many people permanently disabled.

There are many people who have this condition in the USA and a few who have been courageous enough to go through Spine Reconstruction or should I call it Revision Surgery as the term preferred by the Medical professions.

I suffer from flat back syndrome and most of the surgeons who we have spoken to have confirmed that I have this but have told me not to worry as it will not progress and cause problems, however, I do not agree with this statement and continue to find more information regarding this syndrome................... I will keep people updated to my progress!