Five Machines That Use Hydraulics

Five Machines That Use Hydraulics

Hydraulics is a technology that utilizes the power of fluid pressure to perform mechanical tasks. The versatility and efficiency of hydraulic systems make them essential components in various machines across different industries. From heavy construction equipment to everyday machines, hydraulics plays a crucial role in powering these devices. In this article, we will explore five machines that you can buy from a reputable hydraulic equipment supplier in Dubai.


Excavators are heavy construction machines used for digging, lifting, and moving earth and other materials. These powerful machines rely on hydraulics to control their articulated arms, buckets, and other attachments. Hydraulic cylinders in excavators extend and retract the boom, dipper, and bucket arms, allowing for precise and controlled movements. The force generated by hydraulic pressure enables excavators to handle heavy loads and perform various excavation tasks efficiently.


Forklifts are material-handling machines commonly used in warehouses, distribution centers, and construction sites. These versatile machines use hydraulics to lift and move heavy pallets and loads. The hydraulic system in a forklift powers the lifting mechanism, allowing the fork arms to raise and lower goods, and the tilting mechanism, which enables operators to adjust the angle of the fork arms for better stability and load handling.


Bulldozers are powerful earth-moving machines used in construction and mining projects. The blade or dozer at the front of the machine is controlled by hydraulics. The hydraulic cylinders allow the operator to adjust the height and angle of the blade, facilitating the pushing and spreading of materials like soil, gravel, and rocks. The hydraulic power in bulldozers enables precise grading and leveling of surfaces, making them crucial machines for land preparation and construction tasks.

Hydraulic presses:

Hydraulic presses are machines used in various manufacturing processes to shape and form materials. They use hydraulic cylinders to apply force and pressure on a workpiece. Hydraulic presses come in different types, such as hydraulic stamping presses, hydraulic bending presses, and hydraulic compression molding presses. These machines find applications in metal forming, plastic molding, and other industries where precise pressure application is necessary.

Hydraulic cranes:

Hydraulic cranes are heavy-lifting machines commonly used in construction, shipping, and other industries. These cranes rely on hydraulic systems to lift and move heavy objects. The hydraulic cylinders in the crane’s boom and jib provide the necessary force to lift and lower the load. By controlling the flow of hydraulic fluid, operators can precisely position the crane’s boom and perform intricate lifting operations.