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Back Stretcher

The Man Behind the Backstretcher

Neil Summers was an international lecturer in Physical Education. He formerly served with the British Royal Marine Special Forces, and has a Masters Degree from Springfield College, Mass, USA.

He now works as an exercise physiologist, advising major international corporations exactly how to design products for a healthy life. One of Neil's more famous inventions was the original Ultimate Backstretcher, which was selected as British Invention of the Year, making Neil the British Inventor of the Year 1995. As a Back Coach he has helped national heads of state, politicians, sports stars and a host of American, Japanese and European celebrities.

Back Stretcher

Living with back pain is often a vicious circle. When we are in pain we automatically tense our muscles. This reinforces bad posture and muscles spasms, causing us more pain. Backstretchers use two proven methods of relieving backpain:

  1. Massage - The rollers are positioned to give you the equivalent of a deep SHIATSU massage.
  2. Stretching - Backstretchers are shaped so that lying across it allows the spine to open out gradually, freeing the discs that have probably been compressed against each other all day.
  3. The result is instant relief!